‘I would like to say this very simply: Graphic design is not just about marketing, it’s not about an industry, it is a powerful tool of mass communication, giving you the potential to communicate what you believe in to an huge amount of people.’  
Jonathan Barnbrook 
Mason by Bente 
His vision on graphic design changed mine.
Beautiful Ugliness
I found my story in the contractdiction of the alphabets DNA : 
It taught me to embrace imperfection, to see it's beauty. 
The prints tell my version of imperfection, my version of a beautifull ugliness.
A project that was created by reading between the lines of Mason's alphabet and Barnbrooks filosofy. 
"Unlike many designers i do think the world would be a boring place, if everything was perfectly designed. We need a clash of visual styles, naivety, alien influences to keep design alive and what is often bad can become what we regard as rather good.' J. Barnbrook

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